Duct tape plug.

I am in no way associated with 3M ,but I picked up some black duct tape made by them about 3 months ago. This stuff is extraordinary. I patched a (manufactured) hole in the Seda with it.Paddled,dragged the boat on sand, ran it over Hully rollers. Finally replaced it because it was getting ratty.

Got a 3M number from the core?
I’m not normally a brand-loyal type, but when it comes to self-adhesive films and tapes, I’m a big fan of 3M products.

Core says “Scotch TOUGH duct tape”.
“Extreme Hold”. Got it at HD; I have used it now to wrap cable, prevent a leak,as masking to keep epoxy off the hull when doing epoxy repairs. I’m putting a roll in my emergency kit.

Ah, sounds like this one:

Looks like they have a few different versions.

that is it.

Gorilla Tape crushes Duct

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My choice for ""outdoor crisis"" is Gorilla Tape

a.) twice as thick
b.) lot more rubber based adhesive
c.) lasts longer for moisture conditions
d.) will stick to rough surfaces better


I switched to that tape
The standard stuff that I had used to wrap foam tubes around risers and crossbars on the trailer quickly deteriorated. I rewrapped with the Tough dark gray tape, and it’s still holding up well after almost 5 months.