Dugout Kayak/Canoe

I have been thinking about it for a long while, and have decided to try to build a dugout rec kayak. As there is pretty much no information about this on the web, I am trying to do it using canoe plans, except for obviously modifying the hull shape. As it will be rather unstable (20 inches total beam is the max for my tree selection), I also plan to make it a sort of trimaran, with two outriggers.

Have any of you built a dugout canoe? Can you give me some advice, especially regarding seasoning the wood?


One outrigger maybe

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One Man Outrigger for riding Waves


A couple of resources
There maybe a member of Wooden Canoe Heritage Association that could help. Checkout their website and forum one of which deals with dugouts.

Interesting video of building a dugout; http://vimeo.com/7952644

try to contact this guy

he’s made 4 or so dugouts - couple of years ago, he built one behind a bar in Denver and took downt the Platte to Misouri to Miss.

I will look into these.

Thank you so much!
The video is amazing, just what I wanted! It even looks more like a kayak than a canoe. I assume one could deck it in.

Inspirational movie
Here is a nice movie:


It’ll be heavy…
adding decking would make it even more so.

I’ve paddled in the area of Crusoe Island. I don’t believe anyone is carrying on the skill which I find sad.

It is a shame that it is not in English.

I figured it would be.
I have a cart, though, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem to transport. It is a shame! I would love to learn something like that from an expert to carry it on.

Just as a curiousity…
I wonder if anyone’s made a dugout of very thin walls, and then fiberglassed it. I know that goes beyond the spirit of a dugout, but, can’t help wondering. Wood waste aside and labor, it could be an interesting exercise.