Duluth Pack Liners

Anyone ever use these nylon liners and how do they hold up?:



Paddling On,


Are they waterproof, or just water resistant?

Have not used them
but my feeling is that one is better to waterPROOF one’s pack than simply make it water RESISTANT. Take a look at the Granite Gear pack liners. About twice as costly, but who wants wet gear?



I prefer the GraniteGear bags
It looks like those liners are not water proof since they have a draw string.

I am using the GraniteGear type (110L). They roll up like a dry bag and are water proof the only problem with them is there price. Ostrom use to make some too but they stopped making them. I used HD plastic liners for many years for most part do the job but after one or two outings they have holes and they are not readily available either.