Duluth Wear Union Suit under drysuit?

I originally had a Kokatat “bunny suit” and found it hard to struggle in and out of it, especially when I was recovering from a broken proximal humerus that made twisting that shoulder excruciating.

I prefer my second suit, the same Immersion Research that other paddlers are stating preference for. One advantage of the women’s model that may make it easier to get into is that the capacious union suit style overlapping drop seat provides more room for wiggling into it. Would not work for big guys, but some more lithe men might fit into the women’s large. Note that the female versions have a small fly for a pee funnel but I also find the big trap door stretchy enough that if you are squatting ashore with a drop seat drysuit you can get enough clearance for a safe peeing that should work for any guy who can do his everyday business while sitting on a porcelain throne.

I find that it can be useful to not be picky about supposedly “gender specific” gear. Plenty of guys have loved the Kokatat MsFit PFD that was designed for women and I have found that NRS wet suit and Hydroskin separates in the men’s sizes fit me far better than the women’s versions (my chest and hips are about the same dimensions and I have long legs).