Duluth Wear Union Suit under drysuit?

Has anyone tired the Duluth Wear Coldfoot Union Suit as an insulative layer under their drysuit?

This Duluth offering is appealing because it is currently on-sale. Several reviews indicate that the crotch hangs low, which would obviously be problematic under a drysuit.

On the positive side:

  • 8.2-oz. 88% polyester/12% spandex
  • Two-way front zipper
  • Back panel zipper
  • Foot stirrups

No relief zipper? Forget it.


No better have mine 10 years it’s great.

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Huh? It has two relief zippers as stated above and in the provided link.

Yeah the Kokatat looks nice, but is apparently lighter in weight (per square yard) and over twice the cost of the Duluth (on sale).

I don’t see why not, especially at the price. The 2-way front zipper is a relief zipper. I think the low crotch reviews won’t be an issue in a drysuit. The comments were directed at wearing them under jeans, and every drysuit I’ve ever worn has a much lower crotch than a pair of jeans. I say go for it.

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I like light fleece.

I don’t know of the Duluth suit but at 8.2oz fleece I fear I might be in my own sauna. I’ve been plenty happy with my Stohlquist Vapor Drysuit Liner. No zippers design. $139. I even know where there’s a stock of them. :grin:

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100 is 6 oz per square yard so I am guessing 200 a midweight fleece. Drysuit pants are droopy any way and what droops when standing does not when sitting
I have a 200 weight union suit and am happy with it.