Dumb and Dumber

I’m selling a small kayak for $250. Advertised on Craigslist. I got one of those " I’ll send a cashier’s check because I don’t have time to get cash and give you $30 extra to hold it until my shipper shows up".
I SCAMMED him to Craigslist.
Is there anyone who hasn’t seen that tired BS?

Doesn’t have time to get $250 (ATM?) but has time to get a cashier’s check(inside bank). Scammers have got to be smarter than that.

Maybe he’s a trainee.

Happens all the time. Most just want to steal your email and phone number. It’s wise to wear a sidearm when people come to your home. Too many crazy nuts out there.

That’s perfectly paranoid advice.

Who’s paranoid? Its my responsibility to protect my family. When you’re attacked call the police and they’ll be there within the hour, that’s if the criminal allows you to make the call. You leftists need to learn to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That way everything goes as planned.

Next time the preacher visits, I’ll make sure he knows I’m armed. Those guys always want your money.

Of course not all leftists are against the second amendment but those that are against it are on the left. Look at all the countries where the citizens no longer have the right to protect themselves, it was always the left/socialist/communist that did it.

When you invite a stranger to your home or meet them in parking lot it is not paranoid to arm yourself. It’s wise. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it but many have been robbed and even killed from Craigslist deals and it’s not going to be me. I have been attacked three times in my life and once was at gun point. Trust me, it’s not a good feeling.

And if someone that calls themselves and preacher tries to take your money then by all means fight back. If one on tv tries it then turn the channel. You’ve been hanging around the wolves.

Paranoids obviously also have no sense of humor.

You have to be funny in order for it to be humorous. I’m just saying. :slight_smile:

The Avon lady’s neither left nor right,
front and center she’s chimin’ at the door.
Man’s gotta stand his ground!
It’s a Shock-of-Glock insight,
lest cologne alone might Mesmerize you more.

This smacks of B and B, rest it’s literary soul.

I’m not always armed either, in fact most of time I’m not. However if a stranger from Craigslist wants to buy something from me then that’s when I’m going to be ready if he/she is a crook. I’ve been selling on that site for many years and thankfully everyone has been civil. Of course carrying will even make a criminal behave so I don’t really know for sure.
England is far from a conservative country even when they have a conservative leaning leader. Once rights are taken away it’s hard to get them back. Taking away arms is taking away the right to protect yourself. If three men come in my house in the middle of the night and all I have is a baseball bat and they have illegal firearms guess who is going to lose?
Carrying is not being paranoid, it’s being wise.

DD - if you’re that worried about selling to sketchy people via Craigslist, wouldn’t it be safer to meet the buyer away from your home? Maybe the parking lot of the local police station would work to keep the riff-raff at bay.

I am allowed to carry(CWP) but I don’t. I learned in the class that shooting someone can lead to a lifetime of lawsuits. No thanks.
I’ll just do my best to avoid situations where I would need a weapon.
The fact is, we are all far more likely to be injured or killed by a car than a criminal.

Carldelo, I’m not worried about it but I’m not naive either. In the past I have gone to the police station but where I live now there isn’t any. I try to meet people in a parking lot at a local church or park but depending on what I’m selling it’s not always possible.

String, I also avoid places where crime occurs and I’m rarely out at night (all the fun stuff happens during the day). I’d rather deal with lawsuits then my wife and kids dealing with burying their dead husband and father. Yes the chance of being the victim of a violent crime is low but it’s already happened to me three times. Once was in the park at Niagra Falls during the day. How much safer place could there be, yet I was facing the barrel end of a revolver. There are police that retire and have never fired their gun while on duty. Should we disarm the police? I don’t think so.

It must be terrible living in a country where people feel that they have to be so paranoid.

Here we carry a gun (in our car, not on our person) if we are on our way to a hunt or to target practice. It works fine.

I feel more safe because we do not have guns. I would rather have a few criminals with guns than a lot of non-criminal idiots with guns.

Allen, You’ve been brainwashed. Your idiotic statements have proved it. The leftist media has handed you the poison and you willingly drank it. You call bad guys “criminals” yet you call law-abiding citizens “idiots with guns.” Very sad.

LOL Allan if you feel safer in areas without guns, also known as gun free zones those are the most dangerous places to be. Look around at mass shootings many occurred in gun free zones. DrowningDave is correct. Nothing wrong with being prepared for the worst, isn’t that a boyscout motto? Oh I don’t think all democrats are anti gun BUT almost all 99 percent of democrat leaders ARE.

I would never have expected that response from someone with 9mm in their screen name.