Dumb Lendal question.

So my dealer thrusts a Lendal Paddlok bentshaft kayak paddle into my not-so-anxious hands last night as I prepared for a paddle at the beach. I fiddled and faddled, but could not arrange the 4 pieces into any sort of arrangement that resembles a non-feathered paddle. Also, the left grip has a large lump in it, I assume that means this would be a left-hand control model?

I tried again a few minutes ago, still no go. Leaving for an evening paddle now, and will be using my modified 2X4 while the Lendal sits on the deck and chuckles. What the ? am I doing wrong?? Is there no way to unfeather this beast?

I tried one a few years back and it had only one position, feathered. Back then they were very heavy compared to others.

The website shows a new adjustable ferrule but you need their tool to adjust it…

depending on the vintage, the lendal crank will be feathered at 60*. there are rarely left hand control sections in circulation other than by special order.

i suggest you start as if you have a right hand control, with the “bumped” section in question - that is the finger board or the control index, we hope, for your right hand. insert the blade for the right side - long point on top. then repeat the process with the other side. now join the two halves.

use the lendal key - a hex wrench, to tighten the spring plugs which will expand the female side of the joints - do not over tighten.

lendals are not the lightest, but ounce for ounce the toughest and most durable paddles. you can interchange components and you need only replace the part that breaks - something one rarely hears about. don’t be mislead by the looks of the kinetic touring blade - it is big and powerful. many people who do not paddle alot or would not be considered strong find the perfect size, weight and shape with the kinetic touring s.

I have it…
in bent-shaft with the featherboard on the right grip. Mine is adjustable to 0° or 60° feather. I can’t speak for all of their models, but it is available.

One hole or two?
If there is just one hole in the ferrule, then it’s likely the paddle is going to be 60 deg feather only unless you ordered differently.

I have two left hand control Lendals (fingerboard on left side–I really like this big fingerboard for being able to quickly orient yourself to the paddle if you temporarily lost your grip, are underwater and (usually) can’t see)–one with one hole and one with two. The one with one hole is set to 65 deg. The one with two holes will do 0 or 65 deg.

Hope this helps.

Thanks jmden, that 'splains it. I don’t think the dealer would appreciate my drilling another hole, so I’ll return it with thanks.