Dumb Paddle Float Question

Okay, I’ve moved up to a light touring boat from my SOT and my rec boat and have also been moving up to some bigger water. In doing so, I’m more safety concious and just purchased a paddle float and hand pump for self-rescue and re-entry. I fully understand the procedure and how the equipment works, except…

How do you let the air out of the paddle float?

I’ve got a “Big Swell” paddle float from Gaia and it is yellow with 2 red plastic valves with black caps on it. I thought if I relieved the pressure on the internal springs, it should deflate…not happening. I’ve squeezed and twisted the tubing different ways with no luck…I don’t want to force it and damage the valve.

What am I missing???

PS I told you this was a dumb question!

Try this
If it is the float I think it is, the black cap can be put on in two ways. Snapped on one way, it closes off the end of the tube. The other way allows the air to go out of the bag. To easily get the last air out, leave the float on the paddle and put the bag into the water with the paddle straight up in the air so the end of the tube is always out of the water. Not a dumb question. I guess your float did not have directions…


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Yep, that's it! Thanks!

One end is slightly narrower than the other with fluted ends. The narrow tip presses on the valve spring while the slits allow the air to pass by. It's so small you have to look at it closely to notice notice the details.

You were correct...there were no directions included.

Glad it helped
That is the best paddle float made. Compact when deflated. Blows up in two puffs on each side, and has great bouyancy. Should be in the Smithsonian.

Ditto on the Gaia Float
IMHO, they make the best paddle float on the market. Mine are the old style with the push pull valves but I understand the new valves are even better.

Fully agree with the best way to deflate is to open the valves and stick the paddle in the water almost to the valves. Takes all of a second or two to deflate the float.

My wife who only paddles about 6 times a year and never alone, made me drive 50 miles each way to get her one when she got her first closed deck boat rather than my getting something else close by.