dumb philosophical boat question

Someone else can’t find a spray skirt to fit their rec kayak.

Many of these boats have cockpits that were never intended to take a spray skirt, but still have a molded coaming. Why do manufacturers include a coaming when a skirt isn’t intended? Does it help send the wrong message?

Coaming serves other purposes
Half skirt, WS’s deck, various devices to clip padde to the boat, helps to hang on the boat getting in and out. Just that none of these needs a great coaming.

Adds strength to the CP opening.

A cutout on the relatively thin plastic of the upper deck without a molded coaming would weaken the deck considerably. The raised coaming does, in fact, deflect water and the thick rim reinforces the coaming.

The coaming can take a considerable amount of abuse if the boat is ever going down a shallow stream bed in current.

that makes sense
I wasn’t thinking of no coaming, just not something that fools buyers into thinking it uses a spray skirt. But the part you mentioned about deflecting water from the cockpit makes sense.

My Swifty has a very pronounced coaming
One time a tug passed us and I looked pack at my daughter and the coaming was the only part visible. That’s why I’m an advocate of bulkheads now.

is there a substantive

difference in form and structure between not OEM spray skirt coamings and spray skirt coamings ?

in that the not OEM coaming does not support spray skirt use ?


2 more Goonewsd kayak drownings both flippers but no mention of pdf in my reading.


reinforcement only
The rolled lip on plastic rec boats (and on the tumble-homed gunwales of the Mad River plastic Adventure 14 and 16 model rotomold canoes) is intended only to strengthen the molding and block deck wash from flowing into the hull… These lips are not intended for and usually not shaped to retain a skirt over them…

Swiftly also accepts a skirt.

spray skirt
One of my boats is an Old Town 138 Loon. This is one of those that has a very large cockpit. I have a spray skirt for it and never thought that it would be useful for anything, but keeping drips and the occasional splash from getting into the boat. It works well for that, but if I remember right, I’ve used it maybe once.

Ask SA. He is dumb with a strange
philosophy. Oops! Wrong forum.

Yes I have one now
Keeps splashes out. Implodes when covered.

my grandpa used to say
there are no dumb questions.

Just dumb people who ask questions.

Storage cover, keeps critters out.