Dumb Q's about reverse sweep roll

Best done with the power face up (as if doing an upright reverse sweep), or power face down as in the regular sweep roll?

When learning it, what is the set-up position(s)? Do you stick your back against the back deck and swing out/forward from there?

Take a look

Back deck roll series, towards the end.

greenland style or whitewater style?

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For the greenland style reverse sweep roll, it is done with the non power face (back) of the paddle while the playboating backdeck roll is done with the power face of the paddle. Both rolls are low brace rolls.

Since I'm guessing you're probably talking about the greenland style version, the setup for that roll is while inverted, you are arching your back and looking upwards to get your head out of the water with your face straight down. If you're doing the roll on your right side, the back of your right hand would be on your forehead and the other hand is near the stomach but with that arm extended in order to have the paddle sticking out of the water. From there it's a matter of using your hips to bring the kayak as far up as possible before while sweeping forward and levering the paddle while doing a forward crunch to come up.

It's a tough roll to describe so take a look at the video. Instead of "backdeck roll", check out the "reverse sweep roll" video.

Now if you are talking about the rodeo backdeck roll, well that's a whole different story. ;)

edited to add: The videos on this page load much quicker since I encoded them with Flash. http://www.rollingclinic.com/videos.html

nice collection
thanks for posting that.