dumb question about racing

I have been sea kayaking for about 8yrs, but have never raced. This spring I plan on giving it a shot but do not know if I should register in the novice or advanced class. From years of sailing regattas I know novice class does not always apply to true beginners as it should. Any thoughts?

You haven’t raced before. Surprise them.


depends on the distance you feel comfortable with. Most of the races here divide the ‘Novice’/‘Advanced’ categories this way, the former being about 1-3 miles, the latter 6 on up. The field will sort itself out; the front runners will be gone like a shot.

Since you’ll be at an intensity you likely don’t sustain during a regular paddle, select the distance you feel you can hold a concerted effort for. You best know your abilities and what you can handle-the racing aspect of the sport takes those and raises them a notch or so. Good luck and enjoy!