dumb question-when to kayak

This might be the dumbest question.

do you kayak in summer[which is very hot] or in winter[where the water is cold-not freezing].

i am new here.learning the ropes.



It all depends on what your skills are, what clothing you have for cold weather etc.

Your post doesn’t indicate anything about where you are starting from and there is no profile to help with an open-ended question like this.

It depends on the person
and where you live. Some people paddle year round. Others don’t like cold weather. And then cold in Seattle is not the same as cold in Michigan. When I lived in the Midwest, lakes were frozen until spring.

Where do you live…
…and what are your kayaking goals?

more details
ok.i am sorry.

i am currently in oman on a project.

summer is very hot-113 degrees

winter is cold-59 degrees

im interested in recreational kayaking.

i dont have any special clothes…

as i said im new at kayaking and wanted to know in general when is kayaking more popular.winters or summer.

Kayak when…

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...there is liquid water!

No mater what the air temp is, sensible clothing will solve the problem.

I'm damned right now - sun is shining, air is +4 C but everything around Baltic is encased in goddamn ICE! and will take at least 10 days before I see any changes in ice cover! :( :( :(

Now off the shoe box and back to the topic. I prefer kayaking in cold-ish weather actually. Maybe not quite freezing, but between +5 and +15 C air and about +12 C water with a bit of cold wind is the best. Gives you plenty of challenge, you don't get too hot, yet your boat does not ice over :). Over +25 C I get really uncomfortable.

My favorite seasons are early spring and late autumn.

Lord if our water ever got up to 59
that would be nice. That’s a good summertime temp. Winter…like today in the 20’s.

Not in Oman. I would guess paddle when you want, have plenty of water, sun protection, long sleeves and pants and a good sun hat.

Never too hot to kayak
that would be like it being too hot to swim.

Most paddlers just deal with colder weather because they love the sport and don’t want to quit.

Still confused…
This should be about when you have the desire and the preparation to kayak yourself, not about when going paddling would win a popularity contest.

Are you really asking about when it is most popular, or are you trying to get to how to decide if you are properly prepared? I can’t imagine a grownup caring about what a bunch of people across an ocean thought about their personal decision to go kayaking on some sunny afternoon.

"When is kayaking more popular"
In almost every location, that would be summer.

At the very least, you don’t need expensive cold-water protection clothing then. You do need a visor or brimmed hat, probably a neck shield in that location, lots of sunblock, water, electrolytes, and common sense.

If what you’re really asking is, “When am I most likely to meet other potential paddling partners?” go any time BUT winter, unless you are experienced and ready for the cold water. 59 degrees sound balmy to me (it freezes over here most of the winter), but if the air is 59 the water is probably colder than that.

You can get used to mild coldness, just as you can get used to hot days. Pick what you like best.

Michigan Winter
Winter - of course - just after major snowstorm


:slight_smile: Love the Un-Popular option

Logic ???
Celia, you’re not suggesting that there should be logic or common sense on message boards are you?

It’s winter and what better thing to amuse yourself with than blabbing on a message board about nothing and I am as guilty as anyone.

For Me It’s 60 Degree Water
For two reasons:

  • I’m kind of OCD about safety and I paddle mostly by myself and do not have a roll.
  • I like the feel of the water and the breeze out on the water. I don’t get that when I’m dressed like the Michelin man.

    But that’s just me. Enjoy…Lou

You have a point
I am trying to avoid paying bills, at least until tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Have any of us any idea what it might
be like paddling in Oman?

Are there any kayaking clubs there?

Never mind…lets all go


There is a general rule of thumb
If air and water temps don’t add up to 120F you should take special precautions for hypothermia. Of course this depends on where your paddling (Offshore vs narrow creek)and other considerations. Google “Hypothermia air water 120” and you’ll get all the info you can use.

As for those who have never heard of “too hot to swim” it does happen. When it’s over 100 and water temp is 80+, it’s time for moonlight paddling.

I don’t kayk if it’s over 80 degrees, especially if it’s humid. In the summer I kayak very early in the morning or at sunset to avoid the heat.

No question is dumb
You should kayak when you want to.

Just make sure you are prepaired for the conditions, and you are comfortable in them.

If it is very hot splash your self with water to cool down, and also drink plenty of water.

If it is cold make sure you dress appropriately, and stay close enough to shore that you can just wade into the beach in case of a mishap.

We always take a “bail out bag” in cold weather with dry warm clothes in a dry bag, just in case

Basically it should be what ever your personal preference is

Jack L

willi, Awsome photos. I can smell the
cold fresh air now.

I also enjoy winter kayaking but this past season, I’ve gotten to be a bit of a sissy. I don’t go out unless it’s at least 40° and for winter paddling, I NEVER, EVER, wear anything that has ‘cotton’ listed in the fabric contents.

My first winter, I went over due to messing around where I shouldn’t have been and was close to shore, but I was glad I was dressed for possible immersion. And I did get immersed. Do it once, you learn real quick. :slight_smile: