dump bag inventory

Not wanting to hijack the kayak clothing thread, I am interested in learning what others include in their dump bag. Rutabaga has a Lotus over-everything waterproof shell for half price which I am considering, but apart from old polypro shirt & shorts (my current inventory) with an old stocking cap, I have no foul weather backup. Should I include a synthetic “hoodie”? Long pants? What do you carry along?

Dump Bag?
I have never heard this term before in reference to kayaking before. Is it new? It reminds me of people often refering to “break apart paddles”. Does anyone really want a break apart paddle as opposed to a take apart paddle.


dump bag?
I’m assuming this is something attached to your PFD in case you wet exit and loose the kayak, make it to land, and in said bag are the essentials to help you survive.

For land-dwellers they are sometimes called BoBs,for bug-out bag, the bag or pack beside the door you grab when you discover the house is coming down, or keep in the trunk for 3 days of ‘making it’.

My dump bag as you call it is attached to my PFD and contains these items:


survival kit: the one sold here at p.net that is the size of a wallet, ziplocking type, with all the basics in it

Candlelantern-i’m probably one of the few who see the candle lantern as a fast/powerful heater when placed on the ground between you legs (but obviously not touching them) and a Cag or Seal Suit (or Tuli) over you

Power Bars, Luna Bars, Cliff Bars, etc.

Water treatment

Fire starting method other than what is in the mini-survival kit-Bic Lighter

Good size knife

Bottle of Iodine Crystals for purification or Aqua-Mira


Ham Radio with random wire

3-4 large contractor type garbage bags to make sleeping bag or insulated clothes out of, water trap, more shelter…i think you can get these in orange for visual display

Brass wire and 2 small snare sets

Cant remember the rest but there are several more items.


I’m with the post above me…
but, scotch is more packable. In addition, I would consider a bivy bag, a drybag with a full suit of fleece, hat, gloves and socks, a VCP Igloo, Rasdex or Chillcheater overall cag, located at the following:


My kayak is the bailout bag, otherwise. The 1st aid and emergency items in one box has all the other Robinson Crusoe stuff. If I have to open a hatch to get at it, fine.

Augustus Dogmatycus


Never heard the term Dump Bag?

I am from Chicago and we use that term all the time in canoeing. I now live in Western NY and there are very few canoeists but the term is still used by the sea kayakers that try to shove there 17 foot sea kayaks down little streams made for cameos. (I have a 17’6” CD Solstice GT for the great lakes, the right tool for the right job) They do use the dump bag contents, a spare change of dry clothes, because one or more tend to dump at the steep riverbank put ins and portages. I do not have this problem and I can turn around on a dime in my Bell Morningstar.

A dump bag is a dry bag you keep in the boat incase you “dump” over and into the water. I keep dry clothes and shoes in it, some time a wilderness first aid kit.

Travel light

Credit Card/Bank Card - and maybe some cash


All in tiny Aquapac in PFD.

Obviously - I’m not a wilderness or cold water paddler!

Usually have VHF and/or cell phone along too, plus some small 1st aid items and of course flat pack duct tape in PFD pockets. Snacks for paddles over 3 hours.

Is that like a “ditch bag”?
That’s what we call them in sailing, a bag you could quickly grab if you needed to abandon ship in a hurry that would have survival supplies in it. Mine for kayaking has the following:

Space blanket

Small firstaid kit

3 hand-fired aerial flares

A pouch of lifeboat rations

2 pouches of lifeboat water

A fire starter - the kind that is a block of magnesium with another metal insert you strike

Since I carry on my pdf a knife, a flashlight/strobe and a whistle, and have a little Suunto compass on my watch band, I figure I am covered for being beached for a while. The most likely scenario in West Galveston Bay, where I mostly paddle, if I lost my boat would be for me to swim (really wade for the most part) to a sand bar, raised area in the marsh, or ICW spoil bank, and maybe have to stay a maximum of overnight before I could wave down another boat.

dump bag?
I guess I lke to sound of ditch bag or what I call a similar item Bail out bag


Dump bag sounds like something…
you wear in your “golden years”.

Augustus Dogmatycus


Bail out bag
But basically the same thing only it does nto attach to my pfd. I have one style for my canoe that is waaterproof hand on the thwart in front of me. It usually contains>

Cliff or Power bars( more than needed for any given trip

Emergency water filter,

First aid kit( the big one)

Poly long sleeved shirt

Firestarter ( I like the candle lanern idea)

Hand saw

and depending on when where maybe cell phone, gmrs radios packtowel, and or paddling jacket, hydroskins etc.



cliff bars

firstaid kit

fire starter

Pretty much everything else goes in dry bags

Of course odds and ends are often added g

golden years
that’s what i was thinking.