Dump Valve for Float Bags

Looking for some information on how to use the dump valve to fill NRS float bags.

On the attached image is there another part I need to remove? I don’t want to try forcing anything and risk damage without knowing more. Contacted NRS directly but Thier Rep didn’t know how to advise.

Any information on using this valve would be appreciated including pump adapter head type and filling advice.

Thanks in advance

I think what you are seeing there is a little flap valve that prevents the bag from quickly deflating when the stopper is uncapped. Usually it just gets pushed in a bit by the pump fitting.

Most electric air pumps come with a wide fitting like the black one below that fits these valves well.

Thank you that is helpful. I’ll take a look at the adaptors I have for my pump and see if anything is similar to what you have pictured.

I know you can inflate with the thin hose part on the float bag but not having to use lung power would be ideal.

See if you can pull it out. My air mattress (not NRS) has a stopper in another valve. The lower valve has the flap, for deflate, and the stopper that fits inside it is for fill.

It doesn’t pull out easy, I think I would have to pry it but don’t want to risk damaging the valve.

The pump usually has a fitting that will push back the flap - like this

Trick is to get the valve closed again. Top it off with the tube valve.

Cekilson is right – do NOT try to pull the flap out. It is designed to push in (like by the filler fitting on the pump in the photo he posted) and then the air pressure inside the bag once inflated presses that flap against the flange inside to keep the pressure from leaking until you latch the cap on.

I’ve been paddling skin on frame kayaks for 21 years so I have always had to inflate a variety of flotation bags and sponsons.

Though I will mention that, even though it is a time consuming pain to have to inflate by mouth, studies have shown that exercising your lungs through playing wind instruments or inflating large volumes by mouth helps to mitigate lung problems like asthma, pulmonart fibrosis and COPD. Respiratory therapists even recommend it for those recovering from severe Covid 19. They have done studies having people blow up 10 or 15 balloons a day and it improved lung volume and oxygen levels over time.

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Thanks all this is resolved. The valve does push in, Thinking because it’s brand new it just needed some use before it was obvious. Used the bags today on a white water trip our old Coleman airmatress pump did the trick and dump valve successfully used for deflation.

I figure better to ask then risk damage something so appreciate the input from others.

Happy Paddling!