Dungout canoe wanted for re-enact Help

Im trying to find a large dugout canoe preferable from a Cottonwood tree to be rented, borrowed, or bought for a major historical reenactment of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

If you know of anyone that you can relay this message to it would be appreciated.

It will be used in and for media/tv events as well as eduational purposes for the next year. I can give more details later. I need the canoe.

Please Help


Have you contacted your local
Native carvers? I would think costs would be high to have one made.

yes, but…
…if you find an original, perhaps 300 years old, will it be waterworthy? I think it would make your project more “complete” if you would have one crafted and document the process as a highlight of the program.

not an option
Its too long a story but I agree with you. Its need today!

So if you or anyone else knows any other message boards, dug out builders, museaums, collectors, or anyone who wants to build one in the next month let me know. It will be appreciated and you will be exposed on TV and the media over the next year which could be good.