Durability of Trylon Material?

Hello All,

I recently posted another thread in regards to Trylon kayaks but I forgot to ask a important question. Does anyone know how rugged the Trylon is? I plan on taking this yak mostly on lakes but will also paddle a few rivers in NC. Some of these rivers may be rather shallow at times so I'm concerned about scratches in the hull. Not sure if I should use a trylon boat for rivers or not. Maybe poly would be a better solution? Thanks in advance for any advice.

I’m not speaking from experience…
but I’m looking forward to buying Hurricanes this year, and have looked through the forum for peoples opinions. Everyone seems happy with the durability of Trylon, as long as you don’t take it in white water. I would guess that since they make rec boats from Trylon, it must be able to handle shallow rivers (we have some of them in NJ also). Supposedly they’re pretty scratch resistant also.

I paddled a friends Tampico 140S last year (the first version, not the updated version with more deck room). I barely fit in it, but I really liked it, better than my Manitou 14. I’m likely going to buy a 135L as my all around boat (I test paddled that a couple of years ago and also quite liked it) and want to check out the Tracer.

Perhaps you’d want to do what I did, and do a search on the forum for Trylon. You’ll get plenty hits. Hope this was a bit of help.

My wife had a Huricane fro a couple of
years and loved it. It scratched no more or less than a glass boat.

I have a Trylon & an Airalite…
boat and both hulls have cracks from impact. Can be repaired fairly easily though. I think the thermoformed hulls can basically take almost as much punishment as rotomold but they are not as resilient to impact (such as striking a submeged rock, etc.).

I have a hurricane kayak, it had a repaired split that recently re-opened and I am now currently seeking a solution. Epoxy resin seemed to work for a while but I have been using the kayak in rivers and inevitably run up on some rocks. There appears to be quite a lot of flex in the hull, it’s a beautiful boat and everyone assumes it’s a glass boat but jury is still out on its reliability