Duralight flimsy...

So, when I went to JAX, I saw a dark blue Wildy Tsunami 140. It was a beautiful boat, to anyone’s standard. Then I noticed it was a Duralight boat. I felt okay, until I moved my thumb up near the bow and pushed GENTLY on the deck, and the plastic flexed in with the push of my thumb. It didnt dent. Instead, it changes shape with presure, and when the pressure is realesed, it went back to normal. But this was my thumb!! Below, was a Dirigo 140. I pushed it in the same spot with my thumb… And it was SHOCKINLEY stiffer!! and yet, Duralights more expensive than Gen2 or Polylink…

I’m not bashing this boat. But I just sorta wondered what you guys thought. Any experiances with duralight?? I dont think its bad, but it just seems like its not stiff enough and prone to deformation. I store my Gen2 kayak on a rolled-up area rug and it hasnt defromed. Same with tie-downs. It also seems like the non-stiffness of it would REALLY compromise its performance. I bet I could go faster in my Pamlico 140 than in a Tsunami 140 DURALIGHT.

I have a Tsunami 120 in Duralite
It does deform a bit but pops right back into shape. I don’t see much difference in the quality of plastic when compared to Perceptions and Neckys, but that’s just my impression; I could be wrong. I think the Old Town plastic is better, and Prijon and Riot make the strongest plastic of the boats I’ve owned.

The benefit of Duralite is, it’s about 10 pounds lighter than the non-Duralite version, plus I didn’t pay full price so it was worthwhile to me. I like my Duralite Tsunami a lot.

Prijons are tough
Real tough. thats probally why they are so expensive. but they sure are heavy.