Dusi kayak canoe race rough is an understatement!



looks like fun, minus the racing- never in a hurry to get anywhere

The Dusi is a doozy! Only wing paddles and soft shell ball caps seen. PFD’s are required though. This year’s race is 16-18 Feb and smack in middle of summer.

I’m surprised by the need for rudders.

@magooch said:
I’m surprised by the need for rudders.

doesn’t look like they would last long there. Guess they just kick up. Need a strong but light boat as you have to carry it too. Not sure if it was in video I posted but there was a part where a large group come over a spillway and they are all piled up and congested, crazy!

Those are kick up rudders. The really impressive part is how tippy those boats are.

The South Africans don’t play around.