DVD Choices

If you needed to choose a DVD for the following (2 DVDs)and were an intermediate level paddler which ones would you choose?

1 DVD for Self and Assisted rescues and

1 DVD for bracing and maneuvering (edging etc…).

I have taken classes, but I would like to reinforce what I have learned and maybe pick up some new ideas.

Thanks, Art

ultimate guide to sea kayaking
is excellent all around, and has great production values. not extremely thorough, like Nigel Foster stuff, but very good, and SUCCINCT. i watch more and more stuff from Ken Whiting, who is a white water guru, and one begins to realize, how advanced his instructional/coaching abilities are. he says more in few words than most expert instructors do in many. i watch and read him now, just to learn how to be a better instructor. can you say dialed?

Nigel Fosters video on directional control is very good, highly detailed, and dead boring. but good, but boring…

i haven’t seen any full rescue oriented vids that i think are that great. i stick to favourite instructors for insight there.

Nigel Foster and Greg Stamer.

Sea Kayak safety - rescue DVD
I think this is the best rescue video I have ever seen:


All the rescues are explained, then performed in flat water, then in very rough conditions. I think it’s the best honest video addressing the real thing made. Lets face it, your chances of capsizing in calm water is just about 0. This is the only video to address that.

I believe you can get it in many places if you do a search.

University of Sea Kayaking

I really like Wayne Horodowich’s “Capsize Recoveries and Rescue Procedures” DVD.


Jeff P.

Right Here
We do carry that DVD too!




All 3!
We also have all 3 USK DVDs, available separately or in a combo pack!




I agree with Jay

EJ’s bracing and rolling DVD

I’ll third this nomination …
I was hesitant to recommend this at first because it is not as polished as say USK’s Capsize Recoveries and Rescue Procedures DVD, but the content is great and I find some of the newer techniques easier to do (e.g. roll in) for my body type if the rescuer is capable. I have been teaching the roll in method as well as older methods and some of the new techniques are just plain easier for certain body type/boat combinations.