DVD Instruction

I know it is no substitute for in person instruction - but - do you have any recommendations? Nigel Foster 6 disc set? Pricey - but worth it?

Brent Reitz CD I got here was very
good for forward paddle strokes and pre-paddle stretching.

The most useful to me were
Nigel Foster 6 disc set

Brent Reitz Forward Stroke

I got them both from the library

Agree with Above
When you get a little further along, take a look at Gordon Brown’s DVD’s, the 2nd of which is coming out shortly. His fist one got me thinking about (then using) multiple linked strokes and fine paddle control.

Do You Want to Roll?
EJ’s video helped me:


When he says ‘hip snap’ you do a quick thigh lift… and you can use a Greenland paddle if you want.

And another good one–
Check out Ben Lawry’s newest-“The Essentials of Kayaking”. Excellent modeling of all the basic strokes that you can watch over and over until you have them down rock solid- ignore the seal during the beach seal launch sequence- he’s lame-----------

Here’s something for free
I’m not comparing this to the DVD releases, but if you want to check out strokes, rescues, etc. for free, check out this YouTube channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/PaddleTV

There are also links on this page to SeaKayaking TV and WhitewaterPaddling TV. I’ve downloaded almost all of the videos and burned them to disc.

Nigel 6 disc set was good, but I had an early version so one of the discs wouldn’t play in one section (had an error) and they never replaced it… grumble grumble

The other ones mentioned here are good too

Instruction & instructional DVDs

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are good. But I got a lot out of the This Is The Sea DVDs too. It gave an idea of what can be done, what the sport can be.

Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking is great
I’ve watched all the DVDs mentioned. The Nigel Fosters are good but expensive. My favorite for being clear, concise, and comprehensive is The Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking by Ken Whiting. Unlike the Fosters, which are focused on detailed instructions of strokes and technique (and are superb for that), the Whiting Ultimate Guide is more comprehensive, covering all the basics a newcomer needs to know -including gear, launching and landing in surf, etc - in a clear, concise, sensible way. It’s a lot briefer than the Fosters in covering strokes but has all the essentials for that, also. The production quality is better than the Foster videos, and the information per dollar and per minute is a lot higher.

plus it’s eye candy
the gear, the editing, the locations

Dvd instruction
I too like the Brent Reitz Forward Paddle Stroke. Plus Brent is a great guy and has e-mailed me with further instruction just being a caring fellow paddler. I would love to get out to CA sometime and take his class one day. Good luck and happy paddling!

The Nigel Foster series is definitely worth the money IMO. So is Gordon Brown - although his book may be better than the DVD. Great book. I also have to plug my own instructors for their great DVD - The Kayak Roll.