Dyeing Royalite?

I just bought a Mohawk solo 13 and really like it,but I hate the color. I don’t think paint would hold up so-dye?


unless you’re swimming
1)you won’t even see the color. Is the color offensive to your paddle-partners? If so, let THEM dye it for you.

2) cover it in stickers

3)beat the living hell out of it so paint will adhere to the rough finish.

That’s how I’ve always felt about the color of my cars. Lately, though, I try for something between pine pollen and road grime for exterior, coffee for interior.

Dye won’t penetrate the plastic.
You could use Krylon Fusion, or take it to an auto paint shop and have them apply something fairly durable. But anything you put on is going to scratch through, here and there.

Yah,I figgered I would have to live with it. I like a canoe in any color as long as it’ canoe green.


What color is it?


And I thought I’d heard of everything. :slight_smile: