Dyeing Silnylon

My favorite solo canoeing tent is bright orange silnylon. That forces me to use less desirable tents when stealth camping. Is it possible to dye/subdue/camoflage silnylon without ruining it?


Wouldn’t it be easier
to put your tent under a camo tarp?

Someday you will be thankful for an orange tent if someone is searching for you from an airplane.

Doubt it
I doubt you could dye it at all.

can’t do
siliconized nylon has silicone impregnation (not wanting to state the obvious here) and silicone will prevent any attempt to dyeing.

Can’t be done.

can’t do???
Just for fun, I have made a few marks on the silnylon with a green permanent magic marker. The silnylon takes that color so I know it can be done. It would be a real pain to paint the whole thing with markers though and I worry about destroying the integrity of the silicon coating. And yes, I know there are times that you want the brightest, most visible colors for your tent. But I’m sure some of you understand there are times you don’t want to stand out like a lit up Christmas tree.


Rit dye
Then get some Rit Dye and try soaking it in a warm solution for a couple hours.

My first reaction was to say “no"
because silicone makes painting virtually impossible. But if you have been able to get the material to take a “permanent” marker you might have success buying a large marker with a 1/2 or 3/4” felt tip. You would not have to color the entire fly - just break up the color with stripes and zig-zags like the old “tiger stripe” camo uniforms.


not sure what kind of
"siliconized nylon" would take a permanent marker but mine certainly did not.

I tried: it left a faint trail and beaded up like water on a duck’s back.

Whatever was left on the nylon could easily wipe off.

Mind you there are some so called siliconized nylons that are just lightly “sprayed” silicone not impregnated.

Those are urethane coated on one side.