dying dry top and pants

any suggestions for dyeing my ugly teal drytop.

black would be fine.

get a big pink hat
no one will notice the drytop.

I misunderstood
I thought you meant that your drytop and pants were dying.

My drytop smells so bad that my wife insists it must be dead, but I say it has a spark of life in it still.

That’s a thought. If you can get your drytop and pants to smell like mine, I bet nobody will notice the color.

You must be a female !
Unless it is pink, a guy could care less.

Half the time I don’t even have a clue what color(s) I am wearing.



JackL this post was from a guy
that did not want to look like a giant mango…So no its a guy thing too.

Dont dye it.


It’s not practical
First, you would have to completely remove the DWR coating in order to get decent dye absorption. Then you would have to find a dye that’s compatible with the fabric, but won’t cause any problems with the waterproof coating or laminate. If you can manage to get everything to work, you’ve got to reapply a DWR and bake it in without damaging anything.

Good luck.

Buy some Sharpies, brew a big pot of coffee and get to work:


Or buy some Sharpies and a case of beer, invite your friends over and see what happens…

I have dyed fabrics in the past and
depending on the color, they can still bleed a bit.

Remember, it would be black (if that’s the color chosen) inside as well as out and if you get it wet inside (think sweat), your skin could possibly end up matching your top.

Wouldn’t that be interesting?:slight_smile:

maybe he could paint it instead

"giant mango"
then just tell him to squash it, and just like magic, it will change color to a ugly orange!