Dynel Skid Plates For An Old Town Tripper

Getting started on the Dynel skid plates for my Old Town Tripper. Started with eyeballing the area I want the skid plates to cover and making the edges/corners out with a sharpie on the hull. Decided to mirror the front and rear plates. They’re going to be 54" long, starting at 7" wide and tapering down to 3" wide.

Taped a bunch of newspaper together, folded it in
half twice so I could cut out out two templates at once that would be as close to perfectly mirrored as I could hope to achieve. With the newspaper templates cut out I checked them on the canoe (pictured), and once satisfied they would cover the area I wanted I pinned them to the Dynel fabric and cut it.

I cut them on the bias so it took a bit of finagling to get the templates laid out to waste as little fabric as possible (I want to use some to add skid plates to my solo canoe too after practicing on the beater boat here).

Next step will be to fill the little spots, where the outer abs layer of the Royalex is chipped away to expose the foam core, with thickened G-flex epoxy and let it cure before applying the skid plate.


Finally found time to continue working on this project. Here’s what I’m dealing with:

A lot of the ABS (yellowish in color), particularly around the spots where the foam core is exposed, is weekend from UV exposure. So I went in with my pocket knife and chipped it back until I found where it was still solid/pliable.

Now for the fix. West Coast Systems G-Flex epoxy. So I taped off the surrounding area, and mixed a batch (with a bit of colloidal silica added to thicken it).

After a bit of smoothing and light application of a heat gun and maybe an hour to rest.

Later in the week I’ll sand down the high spots and add some more epoxy to any low areas. Then get the rest of the stuff ready to apply the fiberglass skid plates.

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Forgot to grab any pictures, but I went over the stern (the end needing a greater amount of work) with some 60grit sand paper, mixed another, thicker batch, and then filled in the low spots and leveled it all off.

If the weather is decent this weekend, and I don’t get side tracked by a million other things as per usual, I’ll lay down the dynel skid plates.

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