Ear Plugs: What else is out there?

I got the Doc’s Proplugs after reading multiple threads recommending them. They are good and relatively inexpensive compared to medical treatment for infection or getting vertigo from cold water intrusion.

I pool tested them this afternoon, submerging my head, moving my head and jaw a little. I get a small amount of water leakage, probably around the edges when I move my head. Completely understandable BUT I wonder if there’s another brand that people have used, perhaps with a different design, that does a better job (short of paying $$$$ for custom molded plugs).

I see in Europe there’s the Wavy which is more of an earbud design. I’m being fussy, trying to get to zero water, because I have fussy ears, prone to infection. I could probably treat the Doc’s with some vaseline to improve the seal but thought it was worth asking…

I use earplugs for lap swimming and I really like the flanged kind, like these:

I have tried a few different kinds (although not the ones you mentioned) and found that these keep water out pretty much 100%. I guess everyone’s ear canals are shaped differently though, so you never know. But they’re cheap, so worth trying.