Ear Plugs

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Any body have a favorite type of ear plugs, and were did you get them?

Custom is best
Doc’s pro plugs

customs are best
I havee several pairs that I have aquired over the years and the last pair I got from a hearing aid busness. The molds that they made were as good as the ones that they sent off for and they are very confortable.

doc’s pro plugs
Get the vented pro plugs with the string so that you won’t lose them. They are a necessity for me during cold water whitewater runs.

You can order them off their website. Order a sizing kit first so you get the right size.


Doc’s website

Go to the pro plugs website - look under how to order and then distributors. There are three listed for ME (Arundel, Bangor and Portland), and other in the NE. If any shops are near you check to make sure they have the fit kit (they all should). I got some this fall (with the string) and they are awesome. The run about $10.

S.Y.O.T.W. or Ice,


Thank you all!
I just ordered the Doc’s fit kit.


Osco Pharmacy
The orange flourescent foam ones. Come in packs of ten. Brightly colored so when they pop out, I can find them easily under my desk.