Early Holiday Cheer With The Longboat

Started my holiday break today with some longboat surfing merriment. Frontrunner waves provided by incoming Winter Storm Elliot.

Holiday cheers to all!



I got an ice cream headache just watching you roll, in that chilly water.

How did they miss you in this montage.
Boston Wind, Rain Storm Photos – NBC Boston

This is just “late fall training” to stay in the game and be ready for deep winter surfing. Water temps are still fairly balmy, ranging from mid to high 40s. The serious cold comes from mid January to March when water temps drop below 40 degrees.

My hooded winter wetsuits (4/4, 5/4, 6/5/4) provide plenty of thermal protection. The two “weak spots” are my exposed face and (3mm) mitt hands. Water temps below 45 degrees, I apply silicone grease over my face. This takes the bite out of the water in an immersion. With the mitts, anything over 3 mm, I can’t effectively grip the paddle. The 3 mm mitts will keep my hands warm up to 2 hours. It used to be 3-4 hours but my circulation seems to have diminished with my added age. In the longboat, I can carry hot water in a insulated bottom and a warm up of the mitts on a beach break. Can’t do this with the waveski tho…



Not to give the wrong impression (of being a crazy), I got on the waves well before the arrival of the wind and rain later in the evening.

The cloud patterns were really a gift to my sight. I enjoyed looking at the shift and blend of shadow and light.


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