Early Hullavator Versions?

It seems that there were early versions of the Thule Hullavator that had problems. These early units are now showing up on the used market. Does anyone know if the problems with the early Hullavators are things that are fixable – or are they utterly unsolvable, horrible design problems? Thanks.

I believe the early problems had to do
with gas struts that did not perform well. Others here may have a bit more insight.

I have a later version of the Hullavator and have had no problems whatsoever.

I am an ‘older’ paddler, short, and love my Thule unit. I wish I’d had it years ago. I paid around $400.00 for it. Already had the bars set up previously with saddle and rollers, but for me the Hullavator is my way to load and 200% easier. My vehicle is a Ford Explorer.

early problem
Yes, there was one issue I recall. Some hullavators would not stay locked in the down/loading position when empty. I don’t know if it was a gas strut issue or something else. You’d have to force it a few times before it would stay put.

Old 'vator
I owned an old Hullavator for a few years and it worked perfectly.