Early Spring destinations

Hi folks,

My fiance and I are looking to put together a 7 day sea kayaking trip in mid March this year and we’re hoping for some input on destinations.

We’ve both paddled quite a bit in North Carolina on the Outer Banks but we’re looking for something a little bit more… remote.

We’re both reasonably competent paddlers (her more so than me!) but we’re not looking to do anything extreme or overly challenging, preferably warm-ish and local outfitters we can hire kayaks from. The closer to the South East the better but we’ll happily consider traveling anywhere in North America if it’s worth it.

Thanks in advance!

lake powell
Utah lake Powell. If has more shoreline than the east and west coast of usa combined. Good weather , beauty, anazasi ruins, petroglyphs, hiking, few people

and don’t confine yourself to the Wilderness Waterway. There is a lot of paddling there…


I agree. We’re going down first week of March to do the whole Wilderness waterway, but you can find lots of 7 day trips down there. You could go out of Everglades city and hit the outside islands for a few days then work your way back on the inside so you can see both areas.

Check out http://gladesgodeep.ning.com/ these guys have lots of info on paddling the Everglades.

The irony of Lake Powell
First, the warnings:

While Lake Powell air temps could be balmy or even hot, water will still be frigid. I once took a dip there on a hot early-April day and the water was so cold I could not stay in longer than a few seconds. It made my bones ache. Something that makes it very different from paddling in the southeast.

Be aware of high wind, which hits frequently in spring and fall. Plan to hold at least one day in reserve for a layover, just in case.

Because there’s limited road access, you will probably have some spots to yourself…IF it’s not spring break time. There will be powerboaters and jetskiers, just not as many as in the hot season. With engines present, it won’t feel like a true wilderness area. Still, when you are in an unoccupied arm or cove with nobody nearby, it will feel plenty secluded.

This third item describes the irony of Lake Powell, and canyon country in general: When it’s quiet, it’s very, very quiet indeed–even if most people reached it by motorized means.

Besides the high possibility that you will experience pure silence at times, Lake Powell is a visually beautiful place, especially if you’ve never seen the startling effect of intensely blue water against red sandstone cliffs. Some of the cliffs rise straight up for 70 feet or more (depends on water levels).

Please bring your portable toilet if you go; it is required there (or you can use Wag Bags). And be ready for zebra mussel inspection. After all the initial hysteria over zebra mussels found in the mountain states, news of recent developments seems to have become mysteriously silent. Also, I have yet to hear of any kayak or canoe being infested and the rangers at the places I’ve paddled (including Powell) all say paddlecraft are considered very low risk for having them.

Cumberland and Tybee Islands in Georgia, Cape Canaveral/Mosquito Lagoon, St. Joseph Bay and Crystal River in Florida.

I’ll second Lake Powell
Yes to everything Pikabike wrote. I was there in March a couple years ago. Went out on the Lake on a Monday. Had the place pretty much to myself. On Saturday morning it seemed every houseboat in the SW was entering the lake. The houseboats are the size of small apt buildings.

So, go during the week. You don’t need a tent, sleep under the stars and paddle in and out of all the little pocket canyons. Nothing like it.


Lk Powell


powell images
Yeah go off season!!!


Feb,march April may

Tahoe Warning
Take her to Lake Tahoe http://backshortly.wordpress.com/2010/10/13/lake-tahoe-emerald-bay/ and you’ll be stuck with her the rest of your life…

I second the Everglades

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If you want to get off the beaten path, the Everglades National Park and the 10,000 Islands is the place for a great remote trip.
There are lots of options there too. You can take the outer course on the Gulf,and camp on remote beaches, or the inner 99 mile wilderness water way and camp on either beaches or chickees.
You can do a loop trip, or get a shuttle and do the whole 99 miles.
Ivy house in Everglades City rents kayaks, canoes and can do the shuttle.
I only caution that you won't be in the nice clear water that the Outer Banks of NC has unless your are camping on the outer islands and Keys in the Gulf.

Jack L

Mississippi Gulf coast
Contact South coast Paddling company in Ocean Springs for boat rental. If your serious about sea paddling, google Horn Island MS. But there is other remote stuff too.