Earthquake NJ NY 4.8

10:30 this morning 4.8

A lot of media noise about not much.

Tsunami :scream::flushed: lucky I wasn’t paddling. Shook the house good. Dog was running around scared. Deep rumble noise she said. I was 40 miles east on Long Island and felt nothing.

A friend in NJ just posted on FB that she felt an aftershock. @PaddleDog52 did you?

Yes, there was an aftershock just before 6pm, news reported it as 4.0 magnitude.

In Astoria (Queens NY), the quake started out feeling like a very large truck going by the building, then got more severe quickly. It was quite loud, and there was general shaking and rattling in my century+ old apartment. I’m guessing it lasted 20-30 seconds. I thought the most likely cause was an earthquake or a jet crashing on approach to LaGuardia airport, which is nearby. I would not characterize it as ‘not much.’

I was surprised to hear it was a quake of magnitude 4.8 and located pretty far away. My (deaf) cat was very freaked out and stayed that way for an hour or so.

Shawn is a geology professor from Utah . He gives clear explanations of events using data not drama. I’ve been following his Iceland volcano reports. Here he explains the NY quake.

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I was working in Ronkonkoma NY felt nothing.

She did feel it at home on Woodcleft Canal Freeport. I would have liked to of had the experience.

I lived in central NJ for over 30 years, not too far from Whitehouse Station where the epicenter of the quake was. I texted a friend this morning who still lives there. His response was that he heard it more than felt it. He initially thought it was a low flying helicopter from Princeton airport, then he briefly thought it might be a tornado approaching. He said his house vibrated a little but nothing really shook and he didn’t think much of it until he saw the news reports.