EarthViews Crowdmapping

Hi. I’m Brian President of a river mapping company called earthviews .com We use 360 cameras to create street view like tours of rivers around the world. We do this to help protect and educate people about our critical waterways.

We are looking for paddlers who want help gather imagery of their favorite paddle trails and grow the EarthViews Atlas. We can supply loaner mapping camera kits and you can create a tour like this mapper did on the St. Mary’s river in Georgia.

Email me at if you are interested in becoming an EarthViews mapper.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Very cool. You should get in touch with Paddle Antrim, the organization behind the Michigan Chain of Lakes Water Trail. While it’s a chain of lakes, they’re connected by rivers.

Thanks so much!! We will give them a shout. Paddle on.

I agree this is cool :sunglasses: and has potential when it’s populated. I love maps and mapping apps: Google Earth, AllTrails, Natural Atlas, etc. With the advanced features, they allow you to “go there” before actually going there.

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