EarthViews Looking for Mappers

Help us make a better map of waterways. If you like paddling and want a camera to help expand EarthViews Atlas of waterways by making street view like maps of your favorite paddling place. Contact us at

What are we volunteering for? Is Earthviews a for-profit? If so how does it make money?

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Hi we are using a for profit business model to help create better maps of waterways for everyone. Right now anyone can go on our website and access our Atlas of Waterways and explore and use thousands of miles of waterway maps and data for free. Earthviews Overview Map

We add data and imagery to our maps via crowdsourcing from folks who are already out on the water and through partnerships with agencies and NGO’s that have specific use cases for which they hire us to map.

Our big vision is to use compelling street view style maps of waterways to engage folks about these critical resources and hopefully increase awareness and ultimately conservation.

I hope that helps you better understand what we are about. Thanks for touching base.