Stored my canoe under a dogwood tree in my backyard to keep it in the shade. When I took it out yesterday there were over 100-200 earwigs in the bow/stern. When I hit the canoe sides they came out of every possible crevice!

How can I keep these things out, aside from a complete boat storage bag. Right now she’s back in the sun!!

Was it on stands?
If not, there was a thread here a while ago about repurposing old lawn chairs as boat stands. Great idea that works well.

Another control is to sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth around it. DE is organic.

It was on stands too. I think they fall out of the tree?

I have some DE since I have chickens…I’ll give that a try! Thanks for the idea!

They come from the ground
Earwigs thrive in moist conditions, and around here at least, you don’t see many if overall weather conditions are dry. In any case, they come from the ground, not the trees, so there’s something else you can try. Smear some Vaseline or chassis grease in a band around each support leg of your boat rack. You may have to refresh the material periodically if it gets coated with stuck-on debris, but it will keep the earwigs out of your boat.

Embrace the lowly earwig.
The earwig is just another of god’s creatures trying to survive. They are sort of cute don’t you think? :slight_smile:


Earwigs can get into ANYTHING
Earwigs crawl, climb and some even have vestigial wings and can fly for short distances. I hate the creepy things. I think I would hose out and drain my yak before using if that happened to me. On the upside, I have seen earwigs actively hunting and devouring no-see-ums at night, so I guess they are good for something.