Easky 15 Rudder?

Hi Folks,

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good affordable rudder for an Venture Easky 15. Its the wife’s kayak, and it has a skeg, but I want to give her a rudder for better control in waves/wind when out on the ocean. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



A 15’ boat
Doesn’t need a rudder. No matter the conditions.(At least any conditions that that particular boat should be out in). Spend the money on paddling lessons and learning to use her edges and paddle strokes. She’ll be MUCH better off. And a much better paddler than learning to depend on a rudder that she shouldn’t need in a boat that size in the conditions it was designed for.


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I have the Easky 15 (2008) with factory rudder and in nasty big water, wind, flood/slack tide, the rudder really helps. PM me if you want pics of it. Thumbs up for a rudder.
BTW, I have had this kayak in S.F. bay and on the north coast (Van Damme) for those who know, this is a very challenging place to paddle and the Easky is certainly up to the task.

Well, it is your personal choices.

We use E15 for tours, they are typically capped at 1ft waves and ~10kt. Total newbies have no difficulties controlling these boats.

I would recommend to invest in paddling lesson instead of rudder. Paddling lesson is going to be cheaper and last forever

Rudders for Easkys
I guess someone should actually make a recommendation for this guy instead of acting all non-rudder righteous. So here it is: Easkys have come with a variety of rudders over the years. First ones were with “Easy Rudders” (Advanced Designs in the UK) paired up with SeaDog Footbraces, now they use Smart Track’s foil blade and Pilot Pedals. If you call the shop you got the boat from they should be able to order you a rudder kit for it that would work with the existing footbraces if they are the SeaDogs (black plastic with red adjustment rod down the middle). That would save you some installation muss and fuss. The Smart Track system is a little nicer though and might be worth the extra time and money if you use it a lot.

c’mon now
why is it “non rudder righteous” to recommend a solution that will actually save the man some $$, some time messing around installing a rudder, and

also very likely make paddling a lot easier, more comfortable and confidence building for his wife?

It’s not like they said “get a skeg” '-)

The Easky is a very beginner-friendly boat and if properly handled doesn’t need anything more as a steering aid.

If she is having trouble controlling her boat there may be other reasons for that which could be resolved in lessons. Plus she may learn some new skills in addition to steering. What’s the harm in trying that first - to improve skills rather than running out to get yet another mechanical device?

He didn’t ask about skills. The guy asked a simple question about what rudder is best for the easky, and people reply: learn how to paddle correctly. How do we know she isn’t a great paddler already?

it must be how you read it.

He said he wanted to give her better control in wind/waves.

a “great paddler” would have sufficient control.

Here’s how I read it: when men post looking for tips for their wives, it’s very doubtful that the wives are “great paddlers”.

If the wife were a great paddler, she would be avid and knowledgeable - and be asking her own questions.

People with high skill levels - in anything - generally trust their own competence and tend to be independent of others filtered opinions, as wellmeaning as they may be.

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oh ffs whats wrong with just offering
the info requested???

PH/Venture makes a rudder kit for that boat…like suggested: drop a dime to your dealer and go from there…

see how simple it was???

personally i do not use rudders/like them/want one near my glass boat but i can still be helpful to the original poster…

nothing wrong at all!
and I ask you in turn,what is wrong w. offering another option to consider?

If there is more than one solution, esp. one that the OP may not have thought of, isn’t is logical to put it forth?

After all, the OP has the final decision.

Many times, at work and at play, I’ve been offered

another option or even several options I’d not considered w. my original question. It’s a fairly common occurrence, part of a decision process, nothing emotional or pointed about it. No agendas, no " righteousness". The person who posted that phrase sounds more emotionally invested than me.

::Shrug:: Let’s go paddle. Have a good weekend!

Easky 15 Rudder
You folks are awesome! I say that with no sense of sarcasm, but with an understanding and appreciation of how many paddlers out there truly care about the welfare of other paddlers. I agree with both camps on this, especially after reading recent posts on the “Rudder/No Rudder” issue. I think that you are both right. Paddling lessons are now on the horizon. It can’t hurt, and it will surely be used throughout her paddling lifetime. It will bolster her skill and confidence. The reason for the original post was because I recently went on a 10 mile trip off shore and up a river, with lots of 2’ chop and 2’ crossing chop at the river’s mouth. A few thousand extra strokes on each old shoulder to get where I wanted was something to remember, thus I was looking to provide her with an “edge” to make the trip a bit more enjoyable for her when in similar conditions. This brought up the realization that I am not only a stronger paddler than her, but more the enthusiast. Perhaps her skill level isn’t quite up to that particular trip. So… I will ask her to join me in some paddling lessons to hone “both” of our skills, and if she wants the rudder, I now have a few suggestions. Thanks again folks! I hadn’t expected so many reply posts. You folks are great!!!

Stay Safe!!!