Easky lv skeg

I got my daughter a Easky LV with a skeg. She paddles the boat well and I thank everyone here who gave me the advice.

The skeg has never worked. While she paddles fine without it, at least in all of the conditions that she has been out in so far, the tinkerer in me finds it annoying that it is Non Functional Gear. There is a catch that I have used to tighten the elastic which in theory pulls the skeg down. However the skeg is TIGHT in the boat. Almost like there is a peice of the elastic jammed between the skeg and boat.
So, questions:
Has anyone come up with a successful remedy for the elastic on the Easky?
How much of a problem would it be to dismount the skeg?
Has anyone just tried to grease the thing?

Have you looked closely into the skeg box to check if a tiny pebble or other material is jamming it? Tried rinsing it out with a jet of water from a water hose?

Last a kayak I bought had a jammed skeg. Took 15 minutes to clear the box using a hose and thin blade. Once I got it working, I drillled a small hole in the skeg and attached a short thin cord.

Hope it’s a easy fix for you.

Yes, what Rookie said. Also be careful not to drag the stern over sand or pebbles as this will allow them to jam up the skeg box. If you drag the kayak on a beach or the like, lift the stern end up.

Just fyi, the skeg has never worked. So a pebble isnt likely unless it got there prior to ever going on the water. It hasnt been a big deal because she didnt paddle it much due to school then work, but we are getting out more and she is doing well.

Ok, that was easy.
This is why it never worked…

This is how it is supposed to look…
This is what it looks like when it works…
I had to draw up a lot of the elastic so my guess is that the longevity isnt going to be great. If she keeps paddling it, I will likely get a stainless spring wire.