Is the Easky kayak’s hull (plastic) as durable as a Necky’s?


I’m biased, informed I like to think, but biased.

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I would think about the same

don’t see why not
I’ve only had my new Easky (LV) out 4 times now but two of the outings involved drags through gravel bars and bouncing off and over some boulders in some modest whitewater drops and it shows barely a scuff. Admittedly I’ve only rented Necky’s, never owned one, but the hull of the Easky doesn’t concern me at all – seems just as sturdy as my ancient battle-scarred Dagger Magellan or any other poly boat I’ve been regularly familiar with. I like the molded in grooves on the bottom – so far seem to moderate any tendency to oilcan. In fact, I’ve been favorably impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the Easky’s construction overall. It’s rapidly becoming my favorite boat in the fleet.