East of Basswood

My family asked me to guide them on a 5-7 day trip in early june up in the B-waters. They’re leaving the route completely up to me. We’d like to travel some distance - 8 to 18 miles per day (more on some days than others). Portaging isn’t a problem. I’ve seen just about everything between Crane Lake and Fall Lake. I could lead some decent trips there, but can anyone recommend some places to go east of Basswood? About the only criteria I have is that we spend as little time as possible in any motorized areas.

Thanks in advance.

east of Basswood
how about along the border? Go along Knife Lake, drop down into Kek and exit through Snowbank.

Nice trip and the border is gorgeous. You will even see some of the damage from the 1999 storm, but there is a lot of new growth there too.