East Riveer Guilford, CT

I am looking for a place to put into the East River in Guilford at “the top” - not from the state boat launch and not at Friends and Co on Rte 1. I want to avoid going near I-91 when I am paddling.

There is none
The two you mentioned are it. All private property further up the river.

Sorry I don’t live there anymore
I used to be neighbors with a party whose property at high tide was an access for me.

I am not there now.

Jay is correct. 95 is not that much of a big deal…some interesting birds under the bridge.

I always put in at the state launch and enjoy paddling north as far as the water level allows. I think you meant to say I95. It would make for a very short paddle if you were to stay clear of I95 and you would miss several opportunities seeing many types of shore birds.

I agree
Paddling near I 95 and driving over that bridge (which I will never forget…its been about 15 years now that five people in a van went into the river) give you such an incredible contrast.

You never notice the egrets if you are driving… You will be amazed at them when you are paddling.