East shore Georgian Bay

Thinking about paddling from Britt to Parry Sound this summer. I’ve already got the topo quads/marine charts for the route and have a decent general idea of the area from the guidebooks. Just wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions on the route. Any areas that are must see? Any spots to avoid? Nice campsites?

We’ve paddled the North shore from Killarney eastward and expect more of the same, maybe more people though.

I have read
some trip reports from people who paddled that reach. I think they said camping is harder to find because of cottages. Lots of private islands and rocks down that way.

Post your question over at www.myccr.com. There are several paddlers there who do Georgian Bay. A couple have rather detailed websites on their trips.

More information is always nice. It looks like the south half of the trip will be more populated. If the weather permits we will head out to the more remote islands away form the coast (Macoy and Mink groups). However, the link you provided gave me some valuable info on some camp possibilities in some more sheltered areas.

I always like to have a plan B for if the wind kicks up.