Eastern end of Fontana paddling

The Bryson City end. Ant decent paddling there or is it power boat city?


How about near Tsali?

ramp put in
right at Tsali… on the week day only saw one or two power boats… last year the lake was way down but still a nice mountain lake… not bad at all… bike trails require some caution but are awesome…

Forget the paddling
Tsali has some of the best mountain biking in the east.

Do the “Mouse trail”, and you can look over the rim at the lake



Jack, that was helpful.
Can I drive my Ranger ATV?

Tsali or Wildeness Ramp
From Tsali you can go up the Nantahala or the Little Tennessee 'til you run out of deep water, about 6 or 7 miles on each one. I had no powerboat issues on either one (weekday) but the upper part of the Nanty gets a little tight if a bass boat comes charging along. I prefer using the “Wilderness Ramp” on the Tuckasegee River. From there you can go about 7 or 8 miles up the river 'til you hit shallow rocky areas and about a 1.5 MPH current. Noland Creek is about 1 mile downriver from the ramp (saw a bear on the shore there last time), Goldmine Branch is just across the river from the ramp and Forney Creek is about 2 miles upriver. Very little boat traffic, quiet and scenic, just the way I like it. Wish I could give good directions to the ramp but on each of the 3 or 4 time I’ve been there I’ve missed turns and kept fumbling around ‘til I found it. Basically you turn of Hwy 19/74 north of the intersection with HWY. 28. Roundhill Road? Watch for signs for “Greasy Branch” boat dock and continue til the road ends. Guess thats’ why they call it “Wilderness” Ramp. If this helps, the Lat. and Long. (Google Earth) is 3526’18"N and 8333’6’W.

Thanks easttn.

you are concerned
about power boats ruining your kayaking then what to take an ATV out on a bike trail?

Long story yakwise.
I don’t have an ATV.And Jack knows I don’t mountain bike.

Forgot One
There’s also the “Old 288 Ramp” about a mile or so downriver from Bryson City. I’ve never driven to it, only paddled by, looks like you reach it by going west through Bryson City and following the road along the river. One word of caution if you decide to use the “Wilderness Ramp”, most of the “homes” that you pass in that area look like there inhabited by the descendents of the cast of “Deliverance”. “Paddle Faster, I hear banjo music”

that’s funny
looks like I went the wrong way on Fontana… I really enjoyed getting out on the open lake every day… totally worth it to see the mountains up around the lake and a nice relaxing paddle… I’ll try and find the Wilderness put in next time and see a little more wildlife along the bank…

If not for kayaking the lakes I would feel a little closed in up in the mountains…

Lost town of Proctor
Does anyone have information on “the lost town of proctor” which is accessed from fontana lake? Thanks

proctor was a timber and mining town located on hazel creek. boom was during the timber era, locals worked in area copper mines afterward. town was dwindling when fontana lake sealed it off from the outside and it was incorporated into the national park. the remnants of the town are located near the mouth of hazel creek and can be accessed either by boat to hazel creek or by the lakeshore trail from fontana dam. several old cemetaries, buildings, foundations, and old chimneys mark the area. usgs 1:24000 series still show the cemetaries and copper mines. if you hike to the mines be smart and don’t go in. neat place. -h

we put in this past Saturday
paddled to Double Island (perfect/primo hammocking site), back on Sunday…on a weekend mind you and we saw at most 3 boats the whole time.

View from sho-me’s hammock: