easy custom mod for rec. boat

My wife and I were thinking of ways to get some knee/thigh contact happening on our 13 foot, 28" wide Clearwater Design Inuvik. Brilliant phys.-ed. teacher that she is, she saunters down to the dock wearing a set of volleyball knee pads. She cracks me up with laughter, yet after some coaxing, I cave and give it a whirl myself. I was totally amazed… instant firm and direct contact, adjustable contact points, and a ton of comfort…while at the same time saving me the hassles of having to do a hardware/mechanical install to the boat. I give the wife a 10 for ingenuity and the improvement in contact an 8.5. For our paddling purposes this one simple mod totally changes the handlability of the boat as well as our paddling comfort.

I Might Try That
I might try that in Kathy’s Pungo. Thanks for the tip.

thinking of ways to get some…
“thinking of ways to get some knee/thigh contact happening”

Boy you had me fooled…LOL! And with a phys-ed teacher? You lucky bastage!!! HAHAHA!

Longshadow & his wife talk about going “tandem” in one of their “solo” boats. Thank god I haven’t had to witness it yet.

That is a good idea though (seriously), might have to try it…

Paddle easy,


that’s hilarious…now that I’ve read it again from you’r point of view. Trouble with teachers though…too many rules and too much discipline.