easy-on gloves for shorebreak?

I use pogies for paddling in cold weather, and they work great. The problem is when I stop for lunch on the shore. I have several models of fleece gloves, but they all have liners that make them difficult to put on with wet hands. Separate liners and gloves work better, but it would be nice to find a pair of gloves that are warm but easy to get on and off. Any recommendations?

check Lowes
I just picked up a couple of pairs of the nitrile dipped polyester knit work gloves which have a thick brushed fleece interior. Lowes was selling them for $10 on a display near the door where the contractor checkout is in my branch.

They are easy to slip on, very warm and and flexible, and, due to the textured nitrile coating on the palms and fingers, good for handling wet gear and hanging onto things. Price is right and I am keeping a pair in the car, too, for potential chores like shoveling or tire changing in crappy weather.

And if I lose or trash them, no big deal.

Kinco latex+knit gloves 1790-L

Depends on the temperature and how much dexterity you need. At this season I bring 3 or 4 pairs of gloves of different thicknesses and varying degrees of waterproofness. I paddle with the Kincos. They’re warm down to about 30 degrees and the latex provides good padding. They slip on easily. Not sure if they have the dexterity you need for eating your lunch etc.

Another idea
Your hands must be a lot more cold-resistant than mine or you already would have thought of this. Keep a towel or fake chamios cloth in dry storage along with your lunch and break-time gloves, and dry off your hands before doing anything else.

Yup, them’s the ones
(in the link you posted) Even with shipping, that price from Amazon is close to the $7.99 I paid. They are surprisingly plush on the inside.

Good suggestions for the gloves, and pretty cheap. For some reason it’s never occurred to me to carry a small towel, but it’s a good idea.