The guy who invented them deserves a special place in heaven. Assuming that he has already passed on.


a god among men

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Like William Dzus.

And the guy who invented rain x.

Use 'em almost every day
I have a set in my tool box at work with a set of left handed drill bits. Sometimes when drilling the hole for the easy out the bolt will come loose with a left handed bit.

Git a load o’ dis…

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me sandymints exactly....


Never had too much luck either.


My recent need for an ez-out
was a stripped Phillips head in a 2" #10 screw holding the deck to the gunwales of my Bell Magic. Worked like a charm.

While cartopping, some large unknown insect or insects have lodged in the stern above the flotation tank. I will take the deck off tomorrow to see what is there. Maybe stuff the area with some minicel too.