Easy Rack Ramp

Isn’t it amazing how canoes and kayaks can gain weight over the Winters? After an enforced lay-off from paddling I got out again this past weekend. It felt great! Maneuvering my Rob Roy onto the roof was a bit more challenging than expected.
I was plotting a trip to Rutabaga to check out their various gizmos to help in getting craft on the roof, when I remembered that in the early Days of Covid I’d picked up a system that I’d never used. it’s called a Easy Rack Ramp.
I’m having trouble figuring how to use it. There is some on-line presence but most is inactive, including the page with the pdf of the manual. Is anyone in the Brain Trust here familiar with this? More importantly, do you have a manual or good pictures to show me how to assemble it all? I’d gladly pay your costs in sending it my way whether that be scan and email or good old snail mail.
Thanks as always.
Steve Baker
New Lenox IL

I found this page here on p.com - there’s a couple of videos showing it in use, though it doesn’t show details of how to assemble it.

Easy Rack Ramp Reviews - Easy Rack Ramp | Buyers’ Guide | Paddling.com

PS there’s a couple of youtube videos as well - a search on youtube will turn them up.

Wow, those metal poles really bend under the weight of the kayak in the video. Be careful loading anything heavy. Bud16415 made a similar loader himself out of wood that looks a lot more sturdy and easier to use.

There are a couple of close-up frames in this video that I hadn’t seen. I believe I can figure this thing out. Thanks!

I have used Easy Rack Ramp to load my 11.5’ rotomolded SOT upside down onto crossbars of SUV. Its thick fiberglass poles, 4 pieces slide together making 1 pole. Poles go on side of vehicle, making ramp to slide kayak up or down on. The bottom pole has plastic black foot and reflective sticker, the top pole has 2 long velcro straps at top. Middle 2 poles have connectors both ends. Simple, slide middle pole into top of foot pole and pull velcro attached thru d-ring and back on itself to secure. Continue to make 2 poles 10’ long. Take top of one assembled pole, where long velcro straps are. Place top against side roof rack or jrack or saddle and wrap velcro around rack or crossbars and secure. Put foam piece between top pole and vehicle body to protect. Place bottom of poles slightly wider than where attach to roof rack. VOILA!

Thanks! It’s all coming clear now.

Here is what I made and use. I have blocks spaced that lock against the gunwales and make walking it up easier. I put mine on upside down when loading a rec kayak and slide it up similar to the one you have, They ride along strapped next to the canoe.


Those blocks are a great idea. :nerd_face:

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I later replaced the blocks with blocks with a ramp on the down side. That even worked better. The trick was to get the block spacing where the first half of the lift they are hooked inside the hull on the top side gunwale. the second half of the lift they are hooked on the outside of the lower gunwale. The ramps aid in not having to lift the canoe over the blocks all you have to do is push it upwards and it rides the ramp and then drops over the block.

The biggest problem is someone hanging around always offers a hand. I decline telling them I got it. It will be working great and then the helpful person will jump in and start pushing one end up causing it to get cockeyed and want to slide off the end. Then they feel it was a good thing they were there or I would have lost it.