Easy Rider Pro 327 Kevlar Canoe

I’m just getting into the world of canoes and recently picked up an 18.5’ Easy Rider Raven to use for family camping trips. I was looking for a smaller canoe to use on our local lake for solo trips and happened up a free Easy Rider Pro 327 Kevlar Canoe. It was listed as a curbside pickup and I raced over there to pick it up thinking no matter what the condition, I could atleast give it a go. Lo and behold, I was the first one there and I brought it home.

I talked to the guy who was giving it away and it turns out it was a racing canoe and was used in a few local races here in WA. He did say that it’s been always stored outside and is not sure what effects the UV rays would have had on the kevlar. There are at least two small punctures in the kevlar that need patching, but otherwise it looks to be in good structural shape.

Does anyone know if a Kevlar canoe that’s been stored outside for 10+ years is structurally questionable (i.e. should I be concerned about using it and having the hull crack catastrophically while out on the water). I want to put a little elbow grease into it and make it nice again, but not sure if it’s a lost cause. Also, any advice on patching the small punctures are appreciated, I don’t know what I’m doing.

FWIW, I took it out with a friend and it is fast! unfortunately it needs to be paddled with two people, one person sitting in the back raises the front end up out of the water like a speedboat.

The kevlar is fine. unless you can push your finger through it with miderate force, its probably fine. Generally in a Pro boat you’re not far offshore or in the wilderness either (I would recommend against both in a 3x27 pro boat)

I paddled many 3x27 pro boats for a few years (Crozier, Savage River, Wenonah, and others). a tandem pro boat absolutely cannot be paddled solo.

Also they are horrible ‘family’ canoes. They’re low, fast, and tippy. Very little margin for absent minded leaning before flipping.

They are the funnest canoes to paddle though. With an experienced partner, you can fly. I was no olympian but could consistently hit ~55:00 on a 6 mile race course. personal record was ~51 mins when we had a good wind at our backs.

Again, unless your last name is Jensen, Crozier, Corbin, Winters, or Diller, I would not use this boat for wilderness, choppy water, or inexperienced partners. Its a great boat, just not for camping or rough water.

Thanks! Glad to hear the kevlar should hold up. I expect I’ll offer this one up for trade for a smaller canoe that allows the option of using it solo. I may try to patch the holes in the meantime using West System G-Flex Epoxy and fiberglass patches before trading it.

UV can make Kevlar brittle. If its a Northern Boat stored under trees UV isn’t much of a factor… In the sun in the tropics on a beach eeehh… Betting as it is ER it is a PNW boat.

For a curbside pickup its worth having a little fun when the water is warm so you can so to speak get your sea legs… Reward your partner well

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Easy Rider up by Seattle built some great boats. Your boat is bare kevlar with no gel coat. I hate to bring bad news, but kevlar can become brittle with UV exposure just like fiberglass boats. I had a wonderful Sawyer Charger that literally started to break apart while I was on a large lake out paddling it.