Easy rider

I don’t ever hear anyone talk about easyrider kayaks here. I’m just curious why.

It’s kind of a hippy thing, yano…
Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda and unsavory activities…

Seriously, though, the PERSISTENCE of the company deserves note. Back in the 70s and 80s they were making and selling Hahn whitewater c-1s, as well as some early sea kayaks.

nevr heard of…
i nevr heard of them till now . they don’t sell that brand anywheres around here.

It’s a company in Puget sound
I don’t know how big they are, I guess I thought they were big in the sea kayak world. My brother was the skipper of a small cruise ship up in glacier bay and when he brought the boat down here they had about a dozen or more easyider kayaks on the deck, so somebody uses them. I was just curious about it. Thanks.

They used to be a big advertiser in
Canoe & Kayak… Bought the inside front cover on many occasions. Wide range of offerings.

They are a small outfit
in western Washington state. I have stopped by a couple of times over the years but never found anyone there. They have strange business hours.

Yea, thanks for all the replies
I’ve only had one kayak, a current designs storm. Pretty happy with it but couldn’t get my wife into one so I sold it. I used another one up in Alaska that a freind had and I know they’re alot of fun. I just read this website because I like hearing about some of the adventures you guys have. I’ve had a couple sailboats and some skiffs over the years but kayaks have always interested me. Quiet and peaceful. That’s always been my idea of what life is supposed to be.

Price? Marketing?
I was interested in their CR system, but the price is quite high. I paddled one of their boats, and it was big and fast (great for expeditions, I would think), but way too big for me. Maybe they just don’t do enough to get dealers selling their boats?

Long time
I’ve seen them around and don’t think they changed much in design over the years. Don’t seem to move well in used market.

I have owned a few

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Peter, the owner designer does not use middlemen. There are no dealers. They make them and sell them, somewhat like QCC I believe. There quality is 2nd to none. It is good, the engineering is also quite good, but they do not make "brit style" and that seems to be the rage these days. They are roomy and fast, but tall, and thus difficult to roll. Most have foot controlled rudders that make it difficult to push back against to lock into the cockpit when doing rolls and other advanced skills. They are very stable boats, difficult to get upset in, but if you do go over, being so high, they are also difficult to re-enter. Even using a paddle float... again, very difficult to re-enter. But if you want a 3-piece boat, or want to connect a few into a catamarian, or attach an outboard... you can do that. They also have sail outfits for all of the above. I just sold my 20 year old 17' Eskimo with accessories and a few lessons for $1450. I considered it like my SUV kayak. It will haul whatever you want, to where ever you want to go. I now have an Assateague and a Nordkapp, the Eskimo was always my buddy boat and very good for folks just getting into kayaking. Even 20 years old, it was hard to tell the difference from a new one.