EasyRider Dolphin in Wind n Waves?

Hi, Considering a used all carbon EasyRider Dolphin as a quicker wind and waves alternative to my Wen-Vag KUL solo “canyak” on windy trips. Very light weight(34# w/ruddr) for this old dog (6’1" 200#), but few reviews. All thoughts/experiences appreciated. Rick

I have a Dolphin, so here are a few thoughts:

It’s designed more like a cross between a recreational boat and a sea kayak. Pretty flat bottom, large cockpit, no thigh braces (at least on mine). I personally would prefer something narrower and tighter fitting for rough conditions. Construction is very solid and the rudder system works very well. But one thing I’ve found is that I use the rudder almost all the time because it doesn’t track well without it. I weigh 160, so it might actually track better for you with a little more weight.

Thanks - sounds like what I was
looking for as I transition from my WenVagKUL to an equally light yak. Did buy it and friend bringing it tomorrow fm FL. With 40# more in the seat she should ride deeper & has the outboard skeg. R

Had the Dolphin out for the first time
in a nice breeze, chop and some swells. Comfortable, stable, and tracked very straight with the wind on all quarters and the skeg down, and turns/spins quick with it up. Think it will work fine, but time will tell. Asymmetric weighted skeg easy to set at various depths for conditions with simple line and deck cleat. Tks, Rick