ECCKF Swap Meet & Demos

After reading the Canoeocpia thread, I have a simular question about the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival.Is there a formal/informal swap meet there? I may still be in the market for another kayak. I also have a couple of boats I may want to bring to sell as well. Do the vendors discount boats or sale demos at a bargin price. This will be my first trip to the festival.I am looking forward to the festival regurdless. Thanks again for any helpful answers.

I don’t recall
seeing a swap area per se. I did see some kayaks on the grass with for sale signs on them but I think they were mostly people who had sale space or friends of theirs.

You will really enjoy the festival. admittedly it is a showcase for vendors but the instruction with some of the top names in the industry, however short, is invaluable.


nothing formal however
in years past there has been a designated area adjacent the registration tent for boats for private sale. You will need to contact the ECCK folks if there is a fee or commission should that occur this year. I have sold gear via a sign on my car in the campground.

last year

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they did have a place to sell used kayaks for anyone.. I don't know what the fee was or if they will do that again this year..

I have seen a lot of for sale signs on kayaks on their car racks in the parking lot.

Also, there are several pre and post group kayak classes that last all day with instructors such as Nigel Foster and Ben Lowary. I took two last year and it was the best thing I ever did for kayaking.

Each vendor sets their prices and what boats they sell, so it's whatever you can work out with each vendor. My impression was that most kayak shops keep their demos for people to test paddle.

Any canoe vendors?
Does anyone know if there are usually any vendors showing canoes at this event? I have never attended but am thinking about it this year. I am interested in getting a new solo canoe and thought it might be a good place to demo different boats.

I have heard that Placid boatworks and Wenonah will be there.


Wenonah and a few other canoe
makers are normally there. Some customs and kits. Might contact Wenonah and possible others and see if and what their reps/dealers plan to bring. Great event, demo, and learning pond. R

I’ve been told very few
canoes at that festival. If Vermont, Placid, Hemlock, Hornbeck, Wenonah, etc. were going to be there—now that would be really tempting. I would love to have a chance to try all those solo canoes.