Echo Paddles Starlight canoe

Anyone know about this canoe? I emailed the owner and he said it is the same as the old Starburst made by Bluehole and then Evergreen. 16’6" with significant rocker. Their website doesn’t have much information. Not even sure what the hull is made of. There is a video on their site of it working some whitewater. Can be purchased with Mike Yee outfitting. Assuming it is the same hull as the old ones, has anyone owned one of those models and can comment on them?

I believe this particular hull is actually laminated by Andy Phillips of Composite Creations. If you are on Facebook, look up the Composite Creations page. You can send a message to them and they can probably give you some information regarding the lamination schedule. There is an entry on that page that indicates that there will soon be a review of the Starlight in Rapid Magazine.

The Blue Hole and Evergreen Starburst were Royalex hulls, so this composite hull will certainly not be exactly the same. It should be stiffer, much lighter, and with sharper entry lines so it will in all likelihood paddle better. The Starburst hull was briefly molded in Royalex by Nova Craft and called the Moisie, and is currently being laminated by Nova using their TuffStuff lamination schedule:

The TuffStuff might possibly be a lower cost alternative to the Starlight.

The Royalex Starburst was originally designed by Steve Scarborough and was regarded as one of the very best whitewater tripping canoes ever made, along with the 16 foot Royalex Dagger Dimension and the 17’ 2" Old Town Tripper.

Thank you for your response and the information