Ed' Canoe Seats?

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I want to order seats to replace my flat webbed seats. I was looking at the Eds Canoe Contoured or the Cane Bucket seat. Has anyone tried both? Which is more comfortable? Are the cane nicer than the web? He does make the contoured in the Old Town width , which would drop right in....

I like the cane bucket seat
but seats are personal.

Not a fan of the contoured… seats are personal.

I kneel so the seat does not interfere with my feet. The seat is installed nine inches off the floor.

your needs may vary

I’ve installed Ed’s contoured…
seats in all my canoes (two have been OT canoes), as I really like them. I prefer the webbed version. The contour works well for my kneeling style as it requires less rake for comfort than a flat seat.

My newest canoe is a Northstar Magic and I decided to try one of the highly acclaimed Conk seats in it. Simply superb in every respect.

The thing with seats is they are so personal and subjective. My favourite might well be your last pick :wink:

just ordered seats from Eds
I decided on the contour with cane. I kneel a lot and I did worry about room under the seat but hope I can mount them a little higher if I have to. But, I really thought long about going with the nylon webbing figuring cane will sooner or later tear again (that is why I am buying new seats) when somebody steps on it or it just gets old. In the end I decided for aesthetics of cane. My tandem is hopefully a short timer in my fleet, anyway, as I am going to find that used starfire one of these days!

Contoured - Web
I installed the contoured in middle of my Mad River Eclipse with 4" drop to use as kneeling and sitting. The contour is quite a low angle, and to me feels the same as the flat. Product was high quality.

I like webbed because I am admittedly tough on my seats (i.e. knees on seats while fishing) and tend to break the cane.

Xbar Spacing
Ed’s makes great seats… 'Used them when at Bell, Placid and Colden, but…

The key to replacement seats is the center to center spacing of the seat crossbars. Ed’s and Essex use different spacing. You very much want to use a seat with the same spacing as the original to not need to drill extra holed in the rails to hang the seat.

So, measure the hole to hole spacing between front and rear crossbars on the factory seats; select a seat that will fit.

Webbing is more comfortable than cane and lasts longer but stays wt longer. One could argue that snowshoe rubber/nylon/ribber msterial woulf work best, but …

Didn’t know that…
“Ed’s and Essex use different spacing”

Good to know. Thanks for the heads-up.

Essex Industries…
…makes great seats, and other ash products. Check them out, and their mission statement.


Ed’s seats
Ed’s actually makes seats with different frame spacing. I would call and ask if he has what you need. Since your machine screws do not have to go through the exact center of the frame elements, you have a bit of wiggle room.

I have bought from both Ed’s Canoe and Essex Industries and have no complaints with either. Ed’s usually has a list of discounted seats (and other parts) at a nice price. Look under the “Factory Specials” tab, then click on the “Cleaning Out The Closet” tab, then click on the drop down menu adjacent to “Ash”.